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Posted on Mar 9 2015 - 12:51pm by MobileGamePlace

10000000 is a really interesting Match-3 puzzle game mixed with endless-runner and RPG elements. It is available for Android and the iOS platform. You play the role of a random adventurer trapped in a basement, where he finds a dungeon entrance and decides to explore it.


On the top of the screen you’ll see him running into various obstacles; your job is to swipe the rows and columns in the Match-3 board to make him progress. Yes, you read it right: you don’t swipe individual tiles, but the entire row or column; the goal is the same as other Match-3 games. Found a treasure chest? Match up key tiles several times to progress. Ran into an enemy? Match up swords or magic wands until your hero kills it. The goal of the game is to reach a cumulative travel distance of 10000000 while also upgrading your tower, and your hero’s stats.

Always match!

If there are no enemies, chests or similar obstacles in your hero’s path, then match stone, wood, and if possible, keep an eye on potential key and weapon matches. Don’t pop the keys and weapons, just be aware of their possibilities to be able to use them as soon as your hero stops in front of an obstacle.

Magical number: four!

In this game, matches of four are the key to fast advancement. Four weapons in a column or row are enough 90% of the time to kill an enemy in a single match, and are also enough to blast both locks on a chest or a door.


The only parts which are exempt from this general rule are the ones where you encounter an enemy glowing in red. This means a very powerful and dangerous enemy, at which point you should focus on matching as many weapons as possible.

Also if you’re really stuck and cannot do the appropriate moves to your current situation, then don’t be afraid to waste some other blocks to give way to new ones.

Block types

The following block types and their uses are present in this game:

Stone & Wood: Both of these items are necessary for upgrading the rooms in your tower. You should match these constantly, especially while your hero is running. This ensures that your board always has new incoming blocks, and that wood/stone is always coming in, as weapon upgrades are a must-have in the endgame.

Purples: You use purple points in the gym, where these are spent to increase your hero’s base stats.

Keys: These open chests and doors blocking your way. Match 4 at a time to open them up in a single match instead of two

Shields: These give you some defense against incoming monsters, thus you should keep matching these while your hero is running, just like you do with wood and stone blocks.

Staves: These blocks use your ranged magical attacks. Upgrade this at the Staffmaker in the tower, once you have unlocked it by spending Wood and Stone.

Swords: Matching swords makes your hero do melee attacks against monsters in front of him. Upgrade this at the Blacksmith in your tower.

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