How To Beat 2048

Posted on Feb 4 2015 - 6:11am by MobileGamePlace

2048 is a very simple and yet addictive puzzle game which is available on various platforms from Flash-based browser versions to Android and iOS mobiles. This game is played on a 4×4 board. The goal of this puzzle is to reach the 2048 number by swiping in the four directions: left, right, up and down to combine equal tiles into the next number. The numbers are the following up to 2048: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and finally 2048, which is the desired goal.

Each swipe moves all numbered tiles on the board as far as possible to the given direction, and if two equally numbered tiles end up in the same direction, they combine into the one tier higher number. At the same time a new, low numbered block (either 2 or 4) will appear in a random empty spot on the board.


Take it slow!

The first advice we can give to you: take the game slow, there is no rush or time limit to compete against! Try to plan your moves ahead, learn how the swipes change the board, and try to anticipate the game’s next randomly placed tile. With some practice you can predict fairly well where the next one will appear and maybe even plan ahead for multiple possible situations.

Corners are the key

A fairly simple strategy recommended to beginners is that they pick a corner, and try to stack high numbers in that corner, and direct the growing tiles to that direction whenever possible. A very important part of this strategy is that keep the bottom row filled with numbers so that left/right swipes do not move your highest number sitting in the corner. Try to stack the highest numbers in the bottom row, if possible in an order from lowest to highest. Also make sure that no low numbers get stuck in the bottom, as they may prevent the combining of higher ones if they stay there with no way of combining them with other low numbers.

Multiple stacks of numbers – important!

Whenever you come into a situation where you are able to combine multiple numbers with a single swipe, do it! Keeping the board as clean as possible helps in the long run by giving you more flexibility when moving and directing tiles across the board.

A “Hack Cheat” for 2048

In the original version of the game, a special 2048 tile is attainable with the following very easy method:

Do not swipe upwards until you are unable to make a move in the other three directions.
Arrange the highest tiles in the two lower rows in the following way: descending order from left to right in the very bottom (fourth) row, and descending from right to left in the third row.
Now merge the tiles by swiping right three times, down one times, then left three times to reach the special 2048 tile as a reward. Congratulations, you have beaten 2048!

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