3D RPG Alphadia Genesis Now Out For Android Devices

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 4:51pm by Sean Cravener

Alphadia Genesis

I am extremely happy to announce that Kemco’s very first 3D RPG game, Alphadia Genesis, has hit the Google Play Store today. Kemco is known for their RPG games, but Alphadia Genesis is a 3D RPG which is different from their normal 2D games. Just at first glace Alphadia Genesis looks extremely well done, Kemco even recommends freeing up some memory space on your mobile device due to the games large memory usage.

Being a huge fan of RPGs my whole life I am extremely excited to see how the story plays out. The story seems to have some potential as it revolves around 2 kingdoms who have been at peace for some 15 odd years, but with a recent murder the peace might be coming to an end. Your protagonists are part of an investigative team trying to figure everything out in hopes of avoiding a break in peace.

Besides the story everything about the game seems pretty well done, with some amazing 3D battles, actual voice acting, and even sub-members to help in your battles. If RPGs are your style than head over to the Google Play Store and get your copy of Alphadia Genesis for a limited time special price of $4.99

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