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Sean Cravener – Founder/Contributor

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Andy Perrott – Contributor


For any advertising questions, concerns, or inquires please contact us at info@mobilegameplace.com

New Releases, Game Updates, Previews, Reviews

You can send any information related to new releases and game updates at info@mobilegameplace.com and we would be more than happy post an article related to your new release or game update. Now with game reviews we can not promise we will get around to writing a review for your game, but we will try our hardest, just send any information you can to info@mobilegameplace.com.

Tips, Leaks, Etc.

For any tips, leaks, or anything else that wasn’t covered above please use the contact form given here and if you send any tips, leaks, or anything of that nature please provide a link so we can provide a source if you so desire.