Addicting And Difficult Arcade Platformer, Kitten Challenge, Gets Android Release

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 7:23am by Sean Cravener

Kitten Challenge Play Store Android

Kitten Challenge is the latest addition to the Google Play Store and will have you crying out in frustration and joy. This latest Android release is a fast-paced arcade platformer that will have you controlling a kitten as he makes his way through various levels while riding on a platform.

Kitten Challenge may sound like a game that your six year old nephew may play, but it definitely offers quite a challenge for any arcade or platformer fan. In each level your cat will be riding on a platform that is moving along a specific path. As it follows along this path you will encounter various obstacles that will require you to jump, flip, and even float.

You are given a very simple control system at your disposal that will require you to just tap on the left hand side of the screen to jump and tap on the right to flip on the other side of your kitten’s platform. You may also hold down the left side when you jump to float.

The best thing about Kitten Challenge though definitely has to be the fact that you are given a level editor so you can make your own challenging levels, providing some replayability.

If you like cats and arcade platformer games, than you can head over to the Google Play Store and pick up Kitten Challenge for absolutely nothing right meow.

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