AlphaBetty Saga Cheats: How to Win All Levels

Posted on Jul 22 2015 - 11:04am by MobileGamePlace

Alphabetty Saga by King is the newest hit mobile game for the Android and the iOS platforms (here’s our review). It mixes King’s familiar game formula involving levels, IAPs and power-ups with a spelling game. Your main job in this game is to spell out English words in a board of randomly generated letters, while completing various objectives. Here are some tips and tricks for the game to help you in completing the 185 levels currently present.

  • Contrary to most popular Match-3 games, in AlphaBetty we recommend that you work your way from top to bottom. The reason for this is that if you notice good potential longer words on the top, you should use those first rather than those on the bottom half, as popping those can break the flow of the top half, thus making it impossible to swipe those letters together.
  • Note the color of the tiles while swiping: if the colors are green, then so far that is a possible word. This, coupled with the no time limit during levels, can immensely help you in finding longer words.
  • You can also try guessing, as there are many acronyms which are deemed acceptable by the game, such as EST, PST or IOS.
  • You can use a website like to help you in the game. Find a 3 or 4-letter word on the board, but don’t swipe it just yet. Go to the website, enter the word you just found, and it will list all possible 3-8 letter continuations of it. Not all of those are accepted by AlphaBetty, though, but it doesn’t hurt trying.
  • Four-letter words give you a crown on one of the other tiles on the board. Then use this tile in any word to trigger a partial objective completion. This is especially useful when your last objective is stuck in a corner, for example.
  • The longer the word from 5 letters upwards, the stronger the generated purple line blaster will become. Later you will have access to line blaster boosters, which are used on any tile to create lien blasters from it.
  • Try to look for plurals, suffixes and prefixes for words you find before popping them. This can help you in clearing extra letters from the board.
  • On Level 9, create 4-letter words to generate Crowns, and use those in other words to complete the objective: making the isolated cheese go down in the corners.

  • Level 18: You’ll need to make 5-letter words at least, and use the generated line blasters to pop the four bubbles either diagonally or vertically.
  • Level 25: focus on removing the vines from the top part of the board, as those prevent the cheese from falling down. Try to get the blasters and the mousetrap in a horizontal line before blasting, to clear more mousetraps in one single move.
  • Level 46: Same as Level 18, only more bubbles are present on the outside part. Pop most of them by blasters, and pop the remaining ones by creating 4-letter words and using the resulting crowned letters in words of any length.

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  1. Wanda Butler August 7, 2016 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Just before I am about to win the game freezes is there a time limit or is something wrong?

  2. Elaine August 8, 2018 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Level 472 how do I get the cheese plates

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