Angry Birds Game Review

Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 5:14am by Sean Cravener


Most people are familiar with the famous app, the Angry Birds Game. It is one of the most popular games developed for cell phones out there. The game requires the player to control a slingshot which will shoot various types of round birds into various constructions that include various parts to it. In the Angry Birds Game the user shoots various birds which include a regular red bird that does not have any special powers. Another bird the player shoots in the Angry Birds Game is a triangulier yellow bird who after being shot will shoot downwards towards the location of where the player presses the screen. The Angry Birds Game contains many more that will just have to see for yourself.

The various structures that the player has to destroy in the Angry Birds Game tend to get very difficult and can prove a challenge at times. The structures are made of various elements like stone which is harder to knock over and destroy than most other objects in the game. Ice is the most weak structure in the game with wood being above it. Another object that adds to the fun is the tnt which when hit can explode and destroy the nearby structures.


Overall the Angry Birds Game is highly recommended if you would like to kill a lot of time and challenge yourself. The Angry Birds Game also has other spin-off games like the Angry Birds Space Game, Angry Birds Star Wars. Facebook can also be used for online Angry Birds if you can not get it for your mobile device.

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