Angry Birds Go! Cheats & Tips

Posted on Dec 26 2013 - 8:01pm by Sean Cravener

Below, I have managed to gather all of the Angry Birds Go Cheats & Tips for the mobile game, available to download for free in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. If I have made any mistakes or you know of any Angry Birds Go! Cheats & Tips I have missed, please feel free to comment or contact me!


Angry Birds Go! Cheats

Angry Birds Go! Cheats & Tips

  • Versus and Race Mode will be your best modes to use to obtain coins a lot faster.
  • When your car is damaged it will run worse than when your kart is not damaged so sometimes totaling your kart to obtain a non-damaged kart can be helpful.
  • To obtain a 3 stars in a track try to drift as often as you can.

Characters & Special Powers –

  • Red – Red gets a special speed boost.
  • Stella – Stella provides a protective bubble so she won’t come to any harm.
  • Bomb – Bomb will blow himself up (without taking any harm to himself) and cause damage to all nearby karts.
  • The Blues – The Blues get three mini-speed boosts.
  • King Pig – King Pig’s special ability will let him fly to the sky.
  • Terence – Terence can create storms that chock nearby players.
  • Bubbles – Bubbles will expand to an enormous size.
  • Matilda – Matilda will throw egg bombs at other players that are in front of her.
  • Foreman Pig – Foreman Pig will throw TNT at the other players in front of him.
  • Hal – Hal will create a tornado.
  • Corporal Pig – Corporal Pig will use his helmet to provide a protective shield.
  • Chuck – Chuck will get a mega speed boost.

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