Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Posted on Aug 30 2013 - 6:01pm by Sean Cravener



When I first heard that there was going to be another Angry Birds game coming out I got pretty excited knowing I could waste endless more hours destroying them vile pigs. Then I heard that it was supposed to be an Angry Birds space game I got even more excited but then I was told it wasn’t just a Angry Birds Space game, it was Angry Birds Star Wars. After hearing this I got deeply disappointed, being a huge Star Wars Nerd an all, but to my surprise Rovio has really outdone themselves and proved to be a great addition to the Angry Birds Series.


Angry Birds Star Wars follows the same premise as its predecessors, meaning you are still flinging birds in a slingshot to destroy the various pigs scattered throughout each level. One of the newer additions to this Angry Birds Game would be the various make overs to the birds and pigs. The pigs are all dressed as various characters of the Empire, such as Darth Vader and even a stormtrooper. The pigs even have been given blasters that will shoot bolts until they are destroyed , while the evil Sith pigs can suspend blocks and other pigs until they are taken out.  The birds have been changed to the various main characters in the Star Wars story. For example the red bird, who now resembles Luke Skywalker, has been given a lightsaber that when used will help deflect blaster bolts used in various levels and to help destroy buildings. The black bird which is now dressed in a black Jedi robe, uses a force push that, if timed correctly, can send blocks and pigs flying. The Yellow bird is made to resemble the famous Han Solo and wields a blaster that can fire shots at single locations. Lastly the fat bird is now Chewbacca and still used to the same power, which is to smash everything with its immense overweight bird body.


The levels have also gotten a huge makeover, with some levels resembling the regular worlds found in the first Angry Birds and others resembling the gravitational field based worlds of the Angry Birds Space game. Some levels even add Tie Fighters that remain around the skies above the various planets in each level.  The levels that you are required to complete also follow the story of Star Wars Episode IV. The levels may take you to the harsh planet of Tatooine or even the massive Death Star.


Altogether, Rovio has really outdone themselves with this risky addition to the Angry Birds Series. The various new elements and levels will keep you occupied for hours, trying to come up with a strategy to get every one of them damned pigs.


Angry Birds Star Wars on Andriod.

Angry Birds Star Wars on iOS .

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