Angry Birds Updated With New Short Fuse Levels And Power-Up University

Posted on Mar 4 2014 - 4:15pm by Sean Cravener

Angry Birds New Short Fuse Levels

Rovio recently updated Angry Birds with a new episode titled Short Fuse with the Black Bird being the main focus. Along with the new episode, the Black Bird was given a new special power called Shock Wave, which can be quite devastating.

Well with this newest episode Rovio has decided to update it yet again with even more levels to complete, 15 to be exact. Along with the addition of new levels, Rovio has added another new addition called the Power-up University.

Angry Birds Power-up University

The Power-up University will let players test out power-ups if they have never had the chance to use any. I would also like to point out that completing the trail will apparently get you a reward!

Keep checking back for news on more updates to the Angry Birds series.

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