Atari Releases New Re-Imagined Atari Classic, Haunted House, For iOS Devices

Posted on May 15 2014 - 3:29pm by Sean Cravener

Haunted House Download App Store

Atari has decided to release their latest game Haunted House onto the App Store for iOS devices. Haunted House was originally a Atari game that was made back in the day and was actually quite popular. This mobile version of the game though is completely “re-imagined” and will be following the popular mobile gaming genre, Endless Runner.

Even though I have grown quite tired of the constant stream of Endless Runners flooding the mobile gaming market, Haunted House stands out a little from the crowd. This new endless runner will have you clear a path for a boy as he casually strolls through all this creepy stuff. The obstacles you face can range from getting rid of traps, swiping at monsters to ensure their demise, and even building bridges to help the apparently blind boy.

The game also includes numerous power-ups throughout the level to help you acquire special abilites. Haunted House is available now in the App Store for free and since it is free expect those infamous IAPs.

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