Autumn Dynasty Sequel Slams Onto The App Store With Flying Awesome Colors

Posted on Feb 26 2014 - 8:35pm by Sean Cravener

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

For you fans of the Autumn Dynasty game or just fans of any old RTS game, you will be happy to hear that the sequel to Autumn Dynasty, Autumn Dynasty Warlords, has made it’s way onto the App Store for iOS devices and it looks as though you will be given a wonderful game packed with an endless amount of fun.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords will require you to unify a country under your single ruthless rule. You will find yourself constantly busy trying to manage your cities, construct buildings, building your army, and engaging in diplomacy and of course, espionage.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords will also feature various missions that will require hours of gameplay, a non-linear campaign, unique touch controls, and in-game interactions. The game will also feature a 4X-RTS style gameplay, meaning you will be exploring, expanding, exterminating, and exploiting your way to building your very own badass dynasty.

If this sounds like it may provide some excitement in your life, then you can go on over to the App Store now and download your copy of Autumn Dynasty Warlords for only $6.99.

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