Award Winning Game Bad Hotel Now Available On Google Play!

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 6:22pm by Sean Cravener

Bad Hotel Game

The award winning game Bad Hotel is now available on the Google Play Store after so much waiting! Lucky Frame has decided to release this masterpiece on the Google Play Store and I for one will be immediatly downloading this amazing game for my Nexus and I highly recommend you do as well.

For those you of not familiar with Bad Hotel, it is a beautifully well done tower defense game that has music playing a large factor in the gameplay. The art alone is amazing and well done, but the music is just on another realm. The gameplay involves you playing as an entrepenuer whose hotel is located in the bad part of town. The villain you are forced to defend against is a “Texas Tyrant” known as Tarnation Tadstock. This Tarnation Tadstock will be sending waves of enemies at you including an army of seagulls, rats, yetis, and more.

To defend against this tyrant you are required to become a composer, making strong musical structures that will hopefully defend against Tarnation Tadstock. Overall this game is just a masterpiece and I highly recommend downloading it if you haven’t already. You can download Bad Hotel in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store for only $1.99.

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