Awesome Free Adventure RPG, Dungeon Quest, Gets iOS Release

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 6:10pm by Sean Cravener

Dungeon Quest iOS Release

One of my top favorite RPG games to play on Android has definitely got to be Dungeon Quest and now you iOS users can experience the same awesomeness. The first thing I would love to mention about Dungeon Quest is that even though it is free-to-play, I never once hit a wall where I was forced to purchase any IAPs and that is automatically awesome in my books.

The game already includes a lot of gameplay as well with 4 Acts and 200 randomly generated levels, which helps the game from becoming one of those dull generic RPGs. Using either your Wizard or Warrior you will set out to face all of the legendary bosses at the end of each act while you’re constantly upgrading and customizing you’r character with all the random loots.

Besides all the loot you are even able to upgrade the gear you get with an enchanting system to make your character even more unique, along with the feature to customize your character with the gear-based skill and talent system.

Some other features of Dungeon Quest include the ability to bring you’r other characters into you’r adventure using a Hireling System, over 100 unique Legend items, “visual diversity”, and lastly you are able to customize the dungeon’s difficulty and rewards by choosing between 8 different enemy power levels.

You can pick up your copy of Dungeon Quest in both the App Store and Google Play Store for free!

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