Games for Babies: “Baby Hazel” Online Games for Girls

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Baby Hazel games are small and short easy games whose target audience is young girls, from around ages 3 to 12 years old. These games are available on three platforms:

1) Online on the various dedicated sites:,, and in the form of flash games,

2) as applications on iOS platform (e.g. iPad, iPhone, etc) and,

3) as applications in the Android platform (available on amazon and google play store).

Thus, they are accessible easily to any family with a smartphone or a PC with basic web browser requirements. In regards to the games themselves, some basic English skills would be nice to have, for the children to understand some of the signs displayed in some levels, and to follow the instructions properly. But that is not always necessary and with the aid of their caretakers they can understand and play the games seamlessly.

There are a lot of games with various themes in this series, from visiting the hospital, to taking care of a younger sibling, to having fun at the beach. Some of these games feature United States specific cultural references, but even those can be easily understood regardless the players location.


The gameplay in most of these games is fairly simple. All of these games consist of several (usually 4-6) scenes with differing tasks or situations. The games are time-limited, but these limits are fairly generous if the player only wants to complete the scenes and does not care about points and ratings that much. Gameplay-wise, these play out like the older adventure games, where you had to use the mouse to interact with the main character’s surroundings, but since Baby Hazel games are for a young audience, they are full of helpful instructions, pictograms, and a hand-shaped pointer which often shows players where to look around. Some of these games also include mini-games; an example for this is the Father’s Day episode, in which Baby Hazel and her dad play a simplified version of Scrabble; another is the Sibling Surprise, in one scene of which players have to pick out the corresponding face from several available.. All of these mini-games have simple, but adequate instructions when they begin.

Baby Hazel and her family

Each of these short games involve Baby Hazel as a protagonist, and her friends, family members, and pets as other people and things in her life, which resemble a lot the lives of most of our own kids around her age.

Baby Hazel is the game series’ protagonist. She is a young schoolgirl, around the age of 5-9, and she is learning a lot about the world during these various games. She has to do her homework, just like any other kid at her age, and sometimes she has to take care of Baby Matt, her younger sibling. She also has a pet bunny and a cat, which are sometimes present in these games, such as the Pet Hospital one. She also conveys to the player who interacts with her, her wishes and needs.

Baby Matt is Hazel’s younger sibling. He is a toddler or an infant, depending on the episode played. Most of the interactions with him involve playing and taking care of him, thus in this way, Baby Hazel games teach a little bit about responsibility through the use of Matt’s character.

Mom and Dad are occasionally featured in various episodes, just like Grandpa and Grandma, who also appear occasionally. They often ask Hazel to help them with the various tasks that need to be done each time, or they help her do her homework or get beautified for a special occasion.

Just like all children in her age, Baby Hazel has some friends from school, too. They are sometimes seen together, such as in the Pet Hospital episode, where they had to take their pets to the hospital after the dog and cat had a fight. Most of these friends are not named or seem to be a bit random, though. They don’t play a really important role in the overall sense of the Baby Hazel games; they usually appear when large celebrations are portrayed.

What are the benefits of these games?

Baby Hazel games were made with fun education in mind. Your children won’t even notice they are learning new things and facts about life and various concepts such as friendship, family bonds, or taking care of the environment, while they are playing these cute games. Here are two specific examples from the many Baby Hazel games:

In the Baby Hazel’s Gum Treatment game, Hazel’s gums are hurting, and she has to be taken to the dentist. Your children will be introduced to the dentist’s, they will see what happens inside, and the game will also give them useful tips about keeping teeth and gum healthy.

Another good example is the Baby Hazel’s Science Day episode, in which Baby Hazel has to try out various experiments from a kid’s science book, and she will also have to come up with an experiment of her own. This game can get your children interested in various experiments, and it will also showcase the importance of performing well and on time for school assignments, as Baby Hazel will get a gold medal at the end from the teacher because she performed well during the presentation scene.


Some other games also help developing certain skills, such as memory, reaction time, hand-eye coordination with the mouse, and more. Especially the ones which contain mini-games, such as Baby Hazel Fashion Star, are helpful in this regard.

All in all, these cute games are recommended if you have a young daughter around the age of Hazel. These game can also prove to be really useful for the parents who are looking for some free time from demanding kids, but always remember to not let them play alone, as it is only best if you talk about what happens in the game and explain the reasoning behind the actions we take.

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