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Posted on Nov 8 2013 - 12:30am by Sean Cravener

With most of these free to play games that have found their way onto most app stores, you are forced at one point or another to buy some sort of in-game currency to help get past a certain goal that would take like a month just to finish. Also with these free to play games, they seem to suddenly become pointless at some point in playing them, but only after you realized you have just spent $40 dollars to get that cool looking mansion in your town to impress the ladies (this doesn’t impress the ladies). But Battle Nations seems to throw up the middle finger to all these games setting its own course in the freemium-style game market.

With most freemium games, they seem to want to throw you into the fire right away with maybe one or two words of advice leaving you to some frustrating moments. But Battle Nations throws in very good and sometimes humorous dialogue-filled missions. The missions are very simple and at first seem like they would get annoying, but after a while I found myself wanting more of these quests. They really help string you along when you first start playing and led to me actually not want to throw my tablet to the ground in despair.

Battle Nations Android iTunes

Battle Nations plays as a sim style game where you are in charge of an output that you can expand and place various buildings, shops, decorations, and etc. Each building even has various benefits such as gold over time and even experience. The one feature I absolutely loved was how adding certain decorations or even roads increased your experience or coins gained from each building. To be able to purchase buildings you are required to have various amounts of different resources which you can gain from other buildings, such as an iron mine. Although some buildings do require you to use in-game currency that can only be bought by real-money or from leveling up.

Not only does Battle Nations let you manage an outpost, it lets you train various soldiers that range from regular soldiers to tanks. The amount of soldiers available to train is pretty amazing too, although like the buildings some require in-game currency to purchase but this did not affect the gameplay at all I think.

Battle Nations Online

The soldiers you train will be used to fight off various enemies ranging from raptors to marauders. To keep you entertained more, Battle Nations lets you even battle friends or even random opponents online. The battle system is also pretty simple to understand. You are given a maximum number of soldiers you are allowed to place on the battlefield in various formations, which adds to the intensity of the battles.

Battle Nations is one of the better freemium games available on both the Apple and iTunes app store. I really could not find anything wrong with this game to affect my gameplay. The only thing I came across was when playing matches online, the battlefield will sometimes display the soldiers as just black squares where a soldier should be. But overall this did not affect this game at all, so I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a nice free sim style game.

Battle Nations is available for free on both the Android and iTunes App Store.



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