Be One With The Ragdoll In New iOS Mobile Game, Trials: Frontier

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 4:11pm by Sean Cravener

Trials Frontier

Previously mentioned a few weeks ago, the popular web and mobile game series, Trials, has finally unleashed their newest addition to the series for both iPad and iPhone devices.

Trials: Frontiers involves getting your frustrating motorcycle to the end of the level, but even though this sounds simple you will come across various obstacles in your path that you will have to maneuver around in a weird ragdolly way in hopes you don’t wreck.

Trials: Frontier will also include a way to compete against your friends with the Global Leaderboards, which will make this already addicting game even more addicting. It doesn’t stop there either, the game will include a huge world “with more than 50 hours of gameplay”, along with 10 environments, 250 challenging missions, and 70 unique tracks.Besides the levels and other such nonsense, you are also able to upgrade and level up your bike with 9 bikes across 3 different tiers with their own upgrade paths.

If Trials: Frontier sounds like your cup of tea than head over to the App Store now and pick up your copy for free!

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