Become A Treasure Hunting Pug In New iOS Platformer Game, Dr Bones: Pug Explorer

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 3:06pm by Sean Cravener

Dr Bones Pug Explorer Mobile Game

The thought of a pug dressed up in explorers clothes running around a temple trying to find treasure gives me quite a big smile so of course I had to mention this games release for today. Dr Bones: Pug Explorer is platformer that will require the character to play Dr Bones, a walking talking pug, as he makes his way through various collapsing temples snatching up all the treasure he can get.

You get to send you’r furry explorer to various locations all over the world from Egypt to Atlantis. The gameplay is rather simple, requiring you to use on-screen controls, to navigate Dr Bones through a collapsing temple. I have noticed some complaints regarding the controls being rather small which I found to be just a tad troublesome.

Dr Bones: Pug Explorer will also let you spend your coins that you have collected on new hot air balloons to travel the world with or awesome new costumes to make Dr Bones even more redonkulous. Dr Bones: Pug Explorer can be purchased now in the App Store for $0.99 and doesn’t include IAPs.

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