Become The Ultimate Minecart Racer With New Physics-Based Racing Mobile Game, Swipecart

Posted on May 19 2014 - 3:41pm by Sean Cravener

Swipecart Mobile Game Release

Have you ever said to yourself “Self, I would really like a game to play that focuses on the extreme sport of minecart racing, which includes physics-based gameplay and is available for iOS and Android devices.” I highly doubt you have said that to yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t try the extremely fun game that just got released for iOS and Android devices, Swipecart.

Swipecart is a physics-based game that focuses on racing minecarts through challenging levels. Before you start the race you will be swiping you’r cart back and forth to gain enough momentum before actually crossing the starting line. Once you cross the starting line, things get interesting, with the fact that you are only allowed to use your brakes and not accelerate. Because of this some tracks may require practice in order to determine where you will be needing more or less speed, as obstacles start becoming more persistent in trying to end your minecart racing career.

Swipecart also includes leaderboards, minecart customization, and the option to customize your racer. But the thing I think makes Swipecart awesome is the ability to create and share you’r own tracks so the game definitely has some replayability.

If Swipecart sounds like its right up your alley, than you can head over to the App Store and Google Play Store now to pick it up for only $1.99.

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