Bejeweled Blitz Cheats And Tips

Posted on Feb 4 2015 - 10:37am by MobileGamePlace

Bejeweled Blitz is an extremely fast-paced Facebook and mobile game by PopCap Games, made available in the browser, on Android or on iOS. This game is an upgraded, quicker version of the classic Bejeweled’s Match-3 gameplay. In this version you have to mix and match jewels of at least 3 in a group by swapping those which are horizontally or vertically next to each other. This game is an extremely fast version, in which the only goal is to get the highest score possible in 1 minute long sessions, and beat your Facebook friends’ high scores.

Quick head-start

Whenever you are starting a new round on Bejeweled Blitz, don’t wait for the “GO!” prompt; instead start swiping the jewels as soon as the game board appears. This little trick can save you several precious seconds, especially on Speed-clear levels.


Tricking Daily Spins

Like many mobile games, Bejeweled Blitz also has a daily login reward bonus. This isn’t calculated server-side, which means that the old trick involving setting your device’s date a day forward will earn you yet another daily coin bonus. Use this trick as many times as you want to earn a good chunk of bonus coins.

Good use of Coins

You earned a lot of coins either through this little cheat or normal gameplay – now use them properly! There are three really important boosts which you should use when you have a good feel for the game and are ready to rock a new high score. You should play a few rounds to warm up for the game before using your important boosts. These are the Detonator, the Plus Five Seconds boost and the Scrambler.  The Detonator allows you to eliminate all gems with a certain color, and the Scrambler gives you two opportunities to scramble the board per game. The Plus Five is a passive boost adding +5 seconds to the game time, and the other two are special gems which have to be activated manually. Use these in conjunction with the rare gems mentioned in the next point:

Phoenix Prisms and Cat’s Eye

Phoenix Prisms are basically wildcard gems: they substitute any other gem in a combo. Buy these and activate them whenever you can do so in a high multiplier combo series, earning you even higher scores. The Cat’s Eye boost comes around a semi-random time near the end of the round, and if you have a high multiplier at this time, can immensely boost your score.

Work from the bottom!

Like with many similar Match-3 themed games, it is a very sound advice to work from the bottom part of the board, as combos made there make much more room for falling gems possibly lining up and adding even more to the combo.

Special Gems at 4-combos

Whenever you score a 4-Gem combo, a special gem appears on the board which can be detonated at any time. Try to save most of these for the end, and score a huge multiplier just before your activated Cat’s Eye appears for a HUGE boost of scores!

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