Blood Brothers Cheats & Tips

Posted on Oct 14 2013 - 12:00am by Sean Cravener

Below, I have managed to gather all of the Cheats, Tips, and Glitches for the Blood Brothers mobile game, available in both the Android and iTunes App Store. If I have made any mistakes or you know of any Cheats or Tips I have missed, please feel free to comment or contact me!

Blood Brothers Tips

  • I always find it helpful in Blood Brothers to check your map and find the shortest paths to the end which offer more battle encounters to fill your experience bar.
  • When in PvP it is good practice to find an opponent with no titles and low amount of characters. Also make sure they have a small number of familiars in their army.
  • Make sure to make a habit of checking your wagon on the main screen because you will periodically awarded various bonus items.


Blood Brothers is available on both the Android and iTunes App Store

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