Blood Brothers Review

Posted on Oct 20 2013 - 11:03pm by Sean Cravener

Mobage has released a rather interesting RPG game that has seemed to gain some popularity with its vampiric heroes, game-board style exploration, and card based combat.

The first thing I would like to mention is the story. With this game being an RPG I was really looking for a somewhat entertaining story-line, but since the focus of this game doesn’t seem to be concentrated on the story-line a lot of the gameplay makes up for the lack of story. Blood Brothers lets players move around on a board-game style map, where each movement costs the player an energy point. As you traverse through this map in Blood Brothers you have the chance of triggering monster battles and PVP battles.

The battle system has a familiar style where the player can organize their hero and familiars into different formations before the fight starts. Also I would like to add that both regular monster fights and PVP fights are similar. during these battles, players have the chance of unleashing different special abilities which can be devastating for your opponent. Also at the end of the monster battles, players even have the option to try and recruit the defeated monsters for their own team. The PVP battles even let you add players as allies after a match is over.

The familiars used in Blood Brothers each have their own special abilities which can be upgraded. Familiars can even evolve by fusing two matching cards together or even be empowered by using special crystals to increase their stats. The last thing I think really added to this game is the addition of a marketplace, where players can trade familiars and items.

Overall Blood Brothers just feels like a game that would not hold your interest for too long. It was really fun for the first do or two, but with a familiar battle system and lacking story it is most likely a game I will not be coming back to.

Blood Brothers is available for free on both Android and iOS.

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