Candy Crush Saga Cheats & Tips

Posted on Aug 18 2013 - 1:19am by Sean Cravener

Below, I have managed to gather all of the Cheats, Tips, and Glitches for the Candy Crush Saga mobile game, available in both the Android and iTunes App Store. If I have made any mistakes or you know of any Cheats or Tips I have missed, please feel free to comment or contact me!

candy crush cheats

 Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Candy Crush Cheat – Free Lives – One of the Candy Crush Cheats I will be giving you will be the Free Lives Cheat to get lives whenever you run out without having to wait for more. When you run out of lives on Candy Crush Saga just exit your game and go to your mobile device’s settings and go to change your mobile device’s time. Just set your time ahead to however long you had to wait for more lives and exit your settings. Reopen your game and you should see that your lives in Candy Crush Saga have been refilled!

Candy Crush Saga Level Walkthroughs – List of video walkthroughs for each Candy Crush Saga level. Check Back, More Coming Soon!

Candy Crush Saga Tips

  • In the Candy Crush games start crushing candies at the bottom of the level rather than the top of the Candy Crush level. This helps create a better chance for a cascade effect that will give you free moves basically and maybe even help get better combos which brings me to my next time in Candy Crush Saga.
  • Make sure you try to go for the best combinations in each Candy Crush Level which are the wrapped candy and the stripped candy together and the sprinkled candy with the stripped candy. Together, both of these combinations will help you achieve victory in each Candy Crush Level.
  • The next tip I would strongly suggest to use for Candy Crush Saga would be to clear the jelly from the edges of each Candy Crush level and not to concentrate the jelly towards the middle since a cascade effect would help take care of them.
  • The last thing I would like to leave with is a popular Candy Crush Cheat for Candy Crush saga. Which is unlimited lives, but this cheat can only be used for the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga. All you have to do is set the time on your phone ahead 2 hours and you will replenish your lives. You may repeat this process however much you like until you have beaten each and every Candy Crush level.


Candy Crush Saga is available to download for free on both the Android and iTunes App Store

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