Candy Crush Saga Review

Posted on Aug 18 2013 - 12:44am by Sean Cravener



The free Candy Crush Saga game is another one of the more addictive mobile games that I have had the privilege of playing. The Candy Crush Saga game with have you looking playing until your battery has run out.

To begin with, the Candy Crush Saga game will look very familiar if you have ever had the chance of playing the popular Bejeweled game. Although with each completion of a game the player goes to the next Candy Crush level. With each advancement the Candy Crush level will increase in difficulty and when I say difficult, I mean extremely difficult and really challenging.

As you progress through the Candy Crush Saga, the game will add new difficulties to the level such as the shape of the Candy Crush level. In most of the Candy Crush levels the game will add jelly to certain scores where you must destroy all the jelly on the level to complete that particular game. There are also different special moves the player can use on the Candy Crush levels to help overcome the increasing difficulties. Such moves would be instead of matching 3 of the same colors you may match 4 to receive a particular special candy that deletes entire rows. Also, matching 5 of the same color candy will yield some chocolate ball that will remove any color matching the candy you swiped the special chocolate ball candy with in Candy Crush Saga.

The only downside I don’t particularly like is how you get a maximum of 5 lives and when you use up all of your lives in Candy Crush Saga, You must wait a certain amount of time to build your lives back up and continue. Of course, you could always buy more lives and other bonuses that will happen you achieve victory on a difficult Candy Crush level such as Candy Crush level 33 or 65.

Overall I highly recommend Candy Crush whether you want to play on a mobile device or use Candy Crush Facebook, the game will keep you occupied and make you sit there waiting to regain your lives back to reach the next level in Candy Crush Saga.

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