Chariot Wars Now Available On Android App Store

Posted on Nov 6 2013 - 11:22pm by Sean Cravener

Chariot Wars, devloped by Candella Systems Ltd., was released yesterday on the Google Play Store. From first glance at this game, Chariot Wars seems like it will provide a lot of entertainment and it seems to actually be something unique.

Chariot Wars is a basic racing game but with a twist that requires you to race with…..Chariots (Biiiig shocker). The game will take place in ancient Rome in 128 AD. Everything I have seen so far for this game seems to be emphasizing the story. Which was a surprise since most racing games don’t really have a story and just require you to race and compete with friends. But Candella Systems states that Chariot Wars has a quality story-driven campaign.

The game will feature (from what I have seen so far) some pretty decent 3D graphics. It will also include a multiplayer mode where you can compete in races of up to 4 people.

Chariot Wars features listed on Google Play listed below.

  • Singleplayer arcade racing including Championship and Time Trial modes
  • 4 player multiplayer
  • Game levels set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Helvetia and Gaul
  • Day and night levels
  • Pushing the limits of current mobile 3D graphics hardware,
  • Exciting singleplayer story told via a digital graphic novel
  • Achievements & Global leaderboard
  • Challenge your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Game Circle friends to multiplayer racing matches
  • Record your gameplay videos and upload to YouTube, Facebook
  • Eight different chariot models
  • Male and female charioteer avatars
  •  Multiple horse types


Chariot Wars is available on the Android App Store for free.

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