Clash of Clans Cheats & Tips

Posted on Jan 25 2014 - 4:33pm by Sean Cravener

Clash of Clans Game

Feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding these Clash of Clans Cheats & Tips and don’t forget to check out our Clash of Clans Achievements page for a full list of achievements.

Clash of Clans Cheats & Tips

Clash of Clans Buildings Cheats & Tips – The first set of Clash of Clans Cheats & Tips I would like to provide is a guide to all of the Clash of Clans Buildings and some tips to help you build a better strategy!

  • Clash of Clans Defensive Buildings Cheats & Tips
    • Cannon – Cannons are one of the first defensive structures you are able to build and are extremely cheap and can be upgraded quickly at lower levels. Cannons are able to shoot any ground units but are unable to attack air units. To begin with some tips, cannons are going to be an ideal deterrent for Wall Breakers and are extremely helpful in keeping giants from attacking your other defenses.
    • Archer Tower – Archer Towers in Clash of Clans are able to attack both ground and air units and have a decent range so they will tend to be extremely helpful in your defensive strategies. Try placing the Archer Towers at the outer perimeter of your village because of their range. Also trying placing Archer Towers near cannons since cannons cannot attack Air Units
    • Mortar – Mortars will be extremely important in your village’s defense because of their high damage per attack along with dealing splash damage. Please note though that Mortars are unable to attack Air Units. Try placing Mortars towards the center of your base and also you can place them behind a set of walls since they are able to attack while behind structures.
    • Anti-Air Tower – The Anti-Air Tower are extremely useful in taking out air units but are unable to attack ground units. Try to keep your Anti-Air Towers located behind your first line of defense since the Anti-Air Towers are most likely going to be your enemies’ first target.
    • Wizard Tower – The Wizard Tower casts area Effect spells on both Ground and Air Units, but has a very short range of attack. Wizard Towers are going to be perfect in protecting your structures because of their short range but heavy hitting damage.
    • Hidden Tesla – Next for this set of Clash of Clans Cheats and Tips is the defensive structure known as the Hidden Tesla. The Hidden Tesla will stay hidden until a Ground or Air Unit comes close and will then act as a trap. Try placing the Hidden Tesla near your Town Hall.
    • X-Bow – The X-Bow in Clash of Clans is somewhat confusing at first because it has two different settings. After loading it with an elixir you can set the X-Bow to either target Ground Units at long ranges or attack all targets at a reduced range. The X-Bow will be most effective when not placing it as a front-line defense, so try to place it near the center of your base.
    • Inferno Tower – The almighty Inferno Tower can do amazing damage to single targets or can be used to just scorch multiple targets at once. One awesome thing about this tower is how troops that are targeted by it cannot be healed.
    • Walls – Lastly in Clash of Clans there are Walls which should not really need to be explained if you’re at all familiar with Clash of Clans.
  • Clash of Clans Army Buildings Cheats & Tips
    • Army Camp – The Army Camp is required if you want to have a powerful army.
    • Barracks – The Barracks in Clash of Clans is required if you wish to train troops which will then be stationed in your Army Camps. You should note that Barracks aren’t able to function while they are being upgraded.
    • Dark Barracks – Dark Barracks will allow you to train Dark Elixir Troops which will also be stationed in your Army Camps. And like the Barracks, the Dark Barrack cannot function while it is being upgraded, so please keep that in mind before upgrading.
    • Laboratory – The Laboratory is where you go to upgrade your Spells and Troops which will cost either an Elixir or Dark Elixir.
    • Spell Factory – Spell Factories will allow you to create spells which can be used in battle and can greatly turn the tides of war in your favor.
    • Barbarian King Altar – The Barbarian King Altar houses the Barbarian King and when he is not engaged in combat he uses the altar as a place to sleep and regenerate health. Be careful not to place the Altar towards the outside of your village as enemies might try to lure him away in hopes of swarming and defeating him with ease.
    • Archer Queen Altar – The Archer Queen Altar is exactly like the Barbarian King Altar but houses the Archer Queen instead.

Clash of Clan Cheats

Clash of Clans Troops Cheats & Tips – I have gathered a list of all the troops available to you in Clash of Clans along with some helpful Cheats & Tips that may help give you the edge on your enemies.

  • Barbarian – One of the first ground units that are unlocked in Clash of Clans. Try to use Archers and Giants to support the Barbarian
  • Archer – The Archer is one of the first ranged units that you can unlock and usually just attack whoever comes within their range. Archer’s work best when you use them in larger numbers and try to use barbarians as a shield to protect your Archers
  • Goblin – Goblins are best used for stealing resources because they deal double damage to resource buildings.
  • Giant – Giants are strong ground units who can take massive amounts of damage but do very little damage themselves. Giants are best deployed first so you can protect your weaker troops
  • Wall Breaker – The Wall Breakers are used to basically sacrifice themselves to deal large amounts of damage to structures so it is best to use them to destroy walls.
  • Balloon – Balloons are like Wall Breakers but they are air units and can be very useful in taking out defensive structures but be careful as they are extremely weak and can be taken out by anti-air units very quickly.
  • Wizard – Wizards are very similar to Archers because they do range damage and can also shoot over walls. Try using Wizards in large groups for some fire support.
  • Healer – Healers are air units that cannot attack enemies but rather can be used to heal any of your ground troops. Be careful around Air Defenses Healers can be taken out relatively quickly.
  • Dragon – Dragons are extremely useful flying units that can attack both ground and air units. Try using the Dragons to take out Air Defenses as quickly as possible
  • P.E.K.K.A – This troop is one of the very last troops that you can unlock in the Barracks. They have some of the strongest armor and can deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Minion – Minions are extremely cheap but weak Air Units that are made of Dark Elixir.

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