Comic Mobile Game, SXPD, With Artwork From Duke Mighten Gets Soft-Launch

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 6:27pm by Sean Cravener

SXPD The Rookie Soft Launch Gameplay

The great Duke Mighten along with game designer David Perry have soft-launched a new mobile game that mixes gaming and comic books into one bad-ass hybrid simply known as SXPD: The Rookie.

SXPD is set in the fictional 52nd state of Amercia called, New Royale, where a soldier of a secret order is in possession of a “modern day Pandora’s Box”. The SXPD Pursuit Force Indigo is sent out to stop this soldier in hopes of recovering the box and it’s unknown contents.

SXPD The Rookie Comic Artwork

The game seems like it will play out like those adventure book mobile games that have been seeing some popularity lately but it will also include actual gaming where you control a bike and have to either shoot people or spend your time avoiding obstacles while going pretty darn fast. This game phase apparently is paying homage to the ZX Spectrum game, 3D Deathchase.

The game is currently soft-launched in Canada and is stated to be released in about a month with an iPhone and Android version currently being worked on. You can check out the Touch Arcade Forums link I provided below for more information along with more videos and artwork by Duke Mighten.

Source – Touch Arcade Forums


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