Cut The Rope 2 Review

Posted on Jan 2 2014 - 11:44pm by Sean Cravener

cut the rope 2 game review
The success of Cut the Rope, a series of puzzle video games developed ZeptoLab, a Russian game studio in 2010, motivated the company to develop cut the rope 2 to be played on various platforms and devices. Originally an iPhone exclusive, the game has been ported to virtually every computing platform under the Sun. The general plot involves a band of sneaky spiders and the hot air balloon that resembles a giant piece of candy.

As of September 2013, the original game had managed nearly 500 million downloads, passing the 60 million active monthly players in the first half of 2013. On 19th December 2013, cut the rope 2 was launched on various iOS devices, iPhone and iPad platforms. The sequel still features Om Nom, the little green animated monster that you must feed candy (he has a passion for red and yellow candies) while at the same time collecting as many stars as you possibly can. The candy by the rope(s) and the player has to swipe their finger(s) to cut it and manipulate through a number of obstacles, all the way to Om’s mouth.

Cut the rope 2 follows up the story in the previous game series but brings in more characters, and twists the story to be played in somehow a more vibrant environment. There are 5 boxes, with 24 levels per box, meaning that we have 120 levels and you have to solve these 120 puzzles to finish the game. Each box brings in a different element to the game, and the player is faced with new challenges.

The scores are rated from zero to three stars, so all that matters is how long it takes to finish a level and the number of stars the player collects. Players can purchase an “in-app” called “Superpowers” to make the game much easier. If the candy gets destroyed or drops off-screen, Om Nom make-out a sad face, all groaning in big disappointment. But generally, Om Nom is a very sweet character, not unless the spiders steal his candy.

But the twist to the storyline in cut the rope 2 is that our main protagonist, Om Nom gets to be joined by a cast of other characters, the Nommies, with special abilities to help our hero collect more candy. Each character has a signature environment of its own that defines its appearance and special abilities. For example, a character named Roto uses the helicopter principle to fly through the forest. Another one, Toss, has an extra spring-shaped limb on its head that can throw all kinds of things up in the air, while Boo is another character with sharp teeth that move with ease through the ventilation systems.

The game also introduces the amusing ability to interact with Om Nom and move him on-screen for the very first time. And as Om Nom ventures out into the world for the first time, there will be a bunch of new locations, from a lush forest, dirty junkyard and sandy dam to a busy city, underground and lots more. Besides winning a handful of game industry awards, Cut the Rope, a Chillingo game developed by ZeptoLab, was the first Apple iOS game to win an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

As seen from screenies, Cut the Rope 2 packs in colorful and charming visuals that’ll really pop on those Retina screens. It’s almost like an interactive cartoon, “with the lively and diverse animations, rich sounds, and unexpected game play situations,” explains ZeptoLab co-founder and Creative Director Semyon Voinov. The game has fun music and sound effects, even though they are not essential to playing the game.If you have not played it yet, then you are missing out on something truly refreshing, thrilling and very addictive. Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure will make you feel at home and to celebrate this holiday launch, Cut the Rope 2 will initially run you 99 cents, which will buy you a universal binary running natively on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Go get it and enjoy your holiday season as you try to unravel the creative puzzles in this game.

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