Deadman’s Cross Review

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 1:14pm by Andrew Perrott

Square Enix has transcended the art of console gaming and infects mobile gaming with Deadman’s Cross. After setting up the game and playing for a few short minutes it is easy to understand that this game is not like any other game one would normally play on their phone or mobile devices. Deadman’s Cross is a collection of several different game modes and challenges complete with a story line to tie it all together. For the most part I would have to say that this game is beautiful.

In the near future the government declares martial law and enacts a law that turns everybody everywhere into a shut in. The main character finally decides to leave the house after several months and takes to the streets to discover that the zombie apocalypse has already happened and anarchy ensues. Lucky for your character you meet a foul mouth teenager with blurred gender lines who gives you the full rundown on how to survive. As much of a help as having a guide in this game is due to its very complex nature the dialogue seems to go on forever; there is as much hair ripping out dialogue in the Square Enix mobile game as there was in there console games.

This game is mainly a card game, similar to Magic the Gathering or Pokemon but with zombies. The zombie vs zombie are a little bit anticlimactic, because while the zombies do have types and stats there is virtually no control a player has during these fights. The cards just sort of fight each other without command and the only strategy involved in my eyes is to make sure you keep leveling them up with items and feeding.  To gather zombies for your own horde you have to play a hunting FPS mini game. Upon killing the zombies on the streets they become yours and they live to fight alongside the player to assist on jobs. These jobs help the player go further into the story and provide more chances to get objects to level up one’s zombies or to get hunting permits to build up the horde.  If one wishes to just battle without completing jobs there is an arena where the sole focus is the card vs card battles.

While the card battles are disappointing the overall game play of this game is not. The FPS hunting mini game is very enjoyable and the story line does leave enough questions to want a player to keep playing to find answers of how the game came to be. This game does tend to lag and have issues with loading, and because of that and the lack of control in the card play are the only reasons why it doesn’t have a perfect score. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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