Defend Against Evil Monsters In New iOS Top-Down Action Shooter, Crystalia: Orb of Magic

Posted on May 22 2014 - 11:55am by Sean Cravener

Crystalia Orb of Magic App Store

Anyone familiar with the popular Minigore series on the App Store and Google Play store, will get a kick out of this new iOS game, Crystalia: Orb of Magic. Crystalia is a top-down action shooter game that will have you defending your house from waves of monsters with the help of Asep and Euis.

The controls for Crystalia: Orb of Magic are extremely simple, requiring you to use the joystick on the bottom-left side of the screen to move around and using the joystick on the bottom-right side of the screen to shoot. You are also given magical abilities, like ice, to cast down onto your enemies if your feeling a tad overwhelmed.

The game provides various different types of monsters, all with different behaviors, to fight against along with a few bosses tossed into the mix. The game also includes a total of five different areas, pretty decent graphics, and a butt-load of upgrades to obtain.

Crystalia: Orb of Magic is now available to download in the App Store for free and does include IAPs, but I’m uncertain if there is a heavy IAP presence in the game, so you will just have to play to find out!

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