Defend Your Tower In New Physics-Based Shooting Game, Crystal Reign

Posted on May 8 2014 - 3:34pm by Sean Cravener

Crystal Reign Download

Hunted Cow Studios has released a new mobile game for the iPad that changes things up a little from your average arcade shooter mobile game and will definitely have you sweating from all the pressure and finger flicking.

Crystal Reign uses a physics-based shooting system that is similar to the Angry Birds shooting system, so you can just imagine how challenging this might get when your being bombarded by enemies and constantly trying to repair parts of you’r tower.

The tower that you will be using can have up to seven layers of various different weapons such as ballistas and cannons. You will be using each of these weapons to defend against an army of deadly robots including ten unique enemies and two bosses.

Lastly Crystal Reign also includes three difficulty levels, 28 achievements, and even a backstory which is rather nice since most  arcade games don’t usually include those. The game has been quite fun for the few minutes I’ve got to play it and really seems to have some potential, but make sure to check back for a review of Crystal Reign.

If awesome physic-based arcade shooters are your cup of tea than you can head over to the App Store right now and get it for a measly $1.99.

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