Destroy Some Villagers In New iOS Card-Based Platformer, Monsu

Posted on Jun 26 2014 - 8:00am by Sean Cravener

Monsu Mobile Game

Monsu is a new collectible card-based platformer that has hit that App Stores today. Although you may be thinking “oh, another card-based mobile game….”, but Monsu provides a unique feeling to this genre.

In Monsu, you will be facing an endless battle against some angry villagers. You will be allowed to collect and crack Stone-Plates that will give you various characters, power-ups and weapons to help you out in battles. The characters you collect are upgradeable and will range from unique, epic, and rare. Besides the battles you will be also spending your time avoiding various obstacles in your path.

Monus will also include tournaments, different levels to play through, and the ability to customize your Monsu. If this game seems like it catches your fancy than you can head over to the App Store and pick it up for free now.

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