Disney Brings New Where's My Water Game Featuring Famous Chinese Cartoon Character To Mobile Devices

Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 4:04pm by Sean Cravener


Some time ago Disney brought it”s popular Where”s My Water game to China and added in a popular Chinese cartoon sheep character known as XiYangYang. Well now Disney has decided to release the game worldwide and it is now titled, Wheres My Water Featuring XYY.

In this new Where”s My Water game you will be helping XYY travel online pokies through China in order to save his friends who are trapped in an underground city, where you will be using various new elements such as fire and oil.

Where”s My Water Featuring XYY will include over 80 levels to play through, new mechanics, and ancient collectibles that unlock bonus puzzles. Of course with games like this you should expect some IAPs thrown into the gameplay.

Where”s My Water XYY can be downloaded now in the App Store and Google Play Store for $0.99.

Get it on Google Play

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