Don’t Shoot Yourself Is Out Now For The iPhone And iPad!

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 9:34pm by Sean Cravener

Developed by Ayopa Games, Don’t Shoot Yourself is an amazing new game that is a nice new change of pace from all of these games coming out that require you to buy some sort of currency or something stupid like that.

Don’t Shoot Yourself is basically a puzzle shoot-em-up game where you are put into a level and surrounded by walls. During the level you will be required to shoot a particular number of bullets, the catch here is that the bullets don’t disappear, they will keep bouncing off of the walls and your goal is to stay alive until you shoot a special “magic bullet” that will destroy the walls imprisoning you and set you free.

The game features multiple levels, the ability to share replays with your friends of certain levels you felt like bragging about, and even an infinite mode that lets you see how long you can survive this intense puzzle game.


Don’t Shoot Yourself is available now on the iTunes app store.



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