Dragon City Review

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 9:20pm by Andrew Perrott

For Wednesday’s edition of Dragon week we must move from DragonVale to another floating series of islands set in the clouds; This is Dragon City. Dragon City is a dragon breeder that is essentially a carbon copy of DragonVale but with different features which make game play feel different enough to alter the entire feel of the game.

First it is important to mention all of the similarities it has with its cousin DragonVale. Both games involve breeding different types of dragons to create epic hybrids. These dragons that are bought or bred are placed into different habitats to suit the dragons which will earn a player money. The higher level of a dragon the more coins per minute it will produce and dragons will be leveled up after being fed. Feeding a dragon costs gold but it’s a good thing that gold it what dragons produce.  These games also have a rarer currency of gems which could be used to buy certain dragons without breeding, speeding up production or buying specialty items.

One feature that Dragon City has that DragonVale doesn’t is a battle mode. In the battle mode a player is put in a league with other dragons of equal skill level that belong to other and fight the dragons. However with this being a mobile game a player is just fighting a line up created by another, it is not a direct combat with another player. Each dragon comes equipped with three moves that generally pertain to their type set. Fighting dragons is pretty enjoyable but players are only given 3 combat credits every couple of hours or so which does put a damper on dragon fights.

In this game to get special limited time dragons one must either recruit people to play the Dragon City through social media. The dragons in the recruitment tavern are only available if you get others to play the game. Another way to unlock certain dragons that are unavailable to breed is through limited time challenges. These dragons in the challenges always follow certain themes such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Vikings and even Ninjas. While there is a dragon for almost everything whether its available for breeding or able to be unlocked through challenges some dragons appear to have missed out on the creativity. Some dragons are just animals with different wings and horns attached like the penguin dragon, the rattlesnake dragon or the Chameleon Dragon. Other dragons are just objects with horns and wings like the mojito dragon, the ice cube dragon or the poo dragon. No lie there is a poo dragon; it is a pile of flying poo.

This game is fun. It has dragons that can be unlocked more than with just the blind luck that comes with repetitively throwing different combinations of dragons into a cave and hoping that something rare pops out. However, to play this game one has to contribute real world funds into it or constantly sending requests to Facebook friends. That bearing in mind combat credits could recharge faster or a player could simply just be given more because that is essentially the highlight of the game. Dragon City gets a 3 out of 5.

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