Dragon Week Announcement

Posted on Mar 17 2014 - 6:15pm by Andrew Perrott

Somewhere in the clouds there floats a series of islands which have become home to a guild of dragon breeders. Each island is home to exotic dragons and the architecture that surrounds them to keep the dragon parks pleasing to the eye. Dragons of all shapes, sizes and types inhabit this realm of mystery, whether they breath ice, fire or even thunderbolts all dragons are welcomed. This is the land of the dragon breeding genre of mobile games.

There are three  dragon breeding games that are essentially identical to one another: Dragon Vale, Dragon City and Dragon World. All of these games have the same objective of breeding two dragons together to come up with unique hybrids. They all take place on a floating island, and all three of them even have the same basis of in game currency. However it is the minute differences between Dragon Vale, City and World that make all of the differences and because of the nature of all three of these games Mobile Game Place is going to review all three of them this week.

After all three of the reviews are done on these games there will be a review matching up all three of these games against each other to see which one out of the three is the most appealing. Any input from anybody who has previously played any of these games would be welcomed in the comment section and will be taken into consideration for Friday’s Dragon Matchup. Mobile Game place proudly presents: Dragon Week.

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