Dragons World review

Posted on Mar 20 2014 - 8:15pm by Andrew Perrott

Mobile Game place adjusts its focus in the third installment of Dragon Week to Dragons World. Dragons World is another one of the featured games in our marathon of dragon breeding game reviews. This game brings a whole new dimension to the genre, a third dimension to be exact. That is right Dragons World is entirely in 3D unlike DragonVale and Dragon City. With the 3D graphics in this game it allows the player to do something that is unavailable in the other games which is rotate the camera. Camera rotation is great feature of this game because some buildings Dragons World’s 2D counterparts I was unable to access certain buildings because of tall buildings blocking what I was trying to access, which is a problem that can be avoided by adjusting the angle.

Much like Dragon City this game does have a battle option. Actually Dragons World’s tournaments are a carbon copy of Dragon City. It is a tournament style setting where a player is matched with another players preselected setup of dragons and must fight them. Of course the players aren’t actually facing each other in head to head combat but it is still rather riveting. The battles in 3D resemble the battles that took place in Pokémon Stadium on the N64. Battles however do not happen as often as they should. Players only get three combat credits and has to wait for them to recharge or spend gems to get more. Gems could also be spent to use a strong attack in battle.

What is very interesting about this game is that dragons are used for more than just battles and generating money. Dragons in this game can be used to clear obstacles or open treasure chests.  Another interesting aspect of this game is that every three levels the player can select special perks for their dragons. Perks can include increased chance of breeding a rare dragon, increased breeding speed, increased speed of clearing obstacles, requiring less food to level up and increased rate of gold generation.

Gems have a strong role in all of these games and the only way to get a vast amount of them is to pour real world funds into these games. However in this game it is easy to make enough gems to make game play enjoyable through achieving challenges. When a challenge is achieved a banner comes up much in the style of an achievement on the Xbox or a trophy on the PS4, and typically gems are part of the reward.

This game was incredibly fun to play and it looks incredible. While the combat credits do limit some of the joy of the game it barely effects the overall experience. Gems in this game are fairly easy to come by so one doesn’t have to empty their real life bank account into Dragons World to have a good time. Dragons World gets a 5 out of 5.

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