DragonVale Review

Posted on Mar 18 2014 - 5:25pm by Andrew Perrott

MGP Dragonvale Review

For Tuesday’s installment of Dragon Week, Mobile game place will review DragonVale. DragonVale is produced by Backflip Studios and is available on both the Android and iOs. If one doesn’t want to play DragonVale on a mobile device the option does exist to play it on a computer through Facebook.

Like most dragon breeding games it takes place on floating islands in the sky populated by magical people and dragons. The goal of this game is to create a park that can accommodate to the wizards attending to it and dazzle them with exotic dragons that you breed from mixing different combinations together. The more dragons a player breeds the more money the player makes due to the fact that dragons somehow produce gold. Another thing that a player must do to ensure that they have a steady flow of gold is to level up the dragons so they produce more gold per minute, which is done by feeding the dragon until they grow until their max level. Food costs gold and takes time, so this creates the cycle of creating gold to feed dragons to create gold to feed dragons. Another currency level in this game is gems. Gems in DragonVale could be used to level up certain buildings so they could serve the park better,  buy rare dragons instead of breeding them or to speed up construction.

Games of this caliber tend to have a tendency of requiring real world funds to have a favorable experience while playing them. While one could pay to have a better experience to buy more gold, food or even gems it isn’t necessarily a requirement to enjoy DragonVale. Dragons in this game rack up gold really fast and some dragons even produce gems instead of gold. One can even unlock a special dragon named Kairos through gameplay, whose power is to fast forward time to max out the gold in each dragon habitat and hurry up the crops therefore lessening the hold that gems have on the player.  There is also a dragon racing mini game that is very enjoyable that can make a player earn a great amount of food, XP, gold or gems. One of the perks in the dragon racing game is that there is no limit in how many times one can play.

The dragons in this game are very original and there are even limited time dragons that only appear for certain holidays and months; there was even an Apocalypse Dragon for 2012. Like most games in the dragon breeding genre breeding can be tricky and downright frustrating. Some eggs can take up to 4 days to produce due to the time from breeding to hatching. Without having gems or Kairos this process could take forever and take up valuable space in the breeding cave and hatchery. As I did mention gems are easy to make from racing, special dragons, daily bonuses and daily events but they go insanely fast so they must be used with caution.

Overall the game play is favorable and it is definitely worth downloading and obsessing over. There is just a certain level cap one hits in which it stops being possible to play without paying real world funds because of how much everything costs in gold and food. While the cap does exist it takes forever to reach that point. DragonVale receives a 4 out of 5.

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