Epic Sci-Fi RPG, Evolution: Battle For Utopia, Out Now For iOS Devices

Posted on Apr 2 2014 - 4:44pm by Sean Cravener

Evolution Battle for Utopia

One of my top favorite genres to play has to hands down be any sci-fi RPG and thankfully another one has been added to the App Store for iOS devices. The new game I am talking about is Evolution: Battle for Utopia and it is a free to play sci-fi RPG and RTS.

For a free to play game Evolution: Battle for Utopia actually looks pretty well built and awesome, especially with its higher end graphics. Evolution: Battle for Utopia even looks like it packs everything it can in the game with my favorite feature being the real time combat.

Since the game is free to play, it contains the ability to build a base which you will obviously have to protect. Besides building and protecting your base you will have to find time to explore this massive world in Evolution: Battle For Utopia which boasts it being “one of the biggest games in the history of iOS!” Thankfully as well you will be given the ability to customize your character and fight alongside a team of four allies.

Even from not playing the game I have gotten all excited about trying Evolution: Battle for Utopia and if you managed to get through all of my spelling errors I’m sure you are as well. You can pick up Evolution: Battle for Utopia in the App Store right now for free.

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