Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Gets Released For Android And iOS Devices

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 5:43pm by Sean Cravener

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

The hit Family Guy show on Fox has finally gotten it’s own mobile game with today’s release of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff. If you have had the chance to play Simpsons Tapped Out than Family Guy The Quest For Stuff’s gameplay should feel quite similar along with the updates that run alongside particular new episodes to help engage you better or just make you their little puppet.

Buttt, even with the IAPs that will hopefully not interrupt the gameplay the game seems interesting enough to at least try especially if you are already a fan of the show. The setting for the game has you restoring Quahog after Peter destroyed it in an epic battle with the giant chicken. The game of course will feature all of your favorite characters from the show along with various building and locations shown in the TV series.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff will also have the feature to unlock and customize different outfits for the characters. To keep you even more hooked the game will also have various quests that you can send characters on. Besides the customization and questing you will be rebuilding Quahog will various buildings that you most likely have seen on the show while also protecting Quahog from pirates, evil chickens and other evil doers.

If you fancy yourself a fan of the show or if you just like city-building games than you can pick up your copy of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff in the App Store and Google Play Store for free!

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