Find Your Inner Metalhead With New iOS And Android Platformer, Die For Metal Again

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 4:21pm by Sean Cravener

Die For Metal Again Release
The sequel to the popular brutal iOS and Android platformer, Die For Metal, has finally gotten released for iOS and Android devices. This quirky, fun, and dark mobile game will have you experiencing the brutality of metal through a dark and cruel platformer.

Being a metalhead myself I found Die For Metal Again highly amusing and fun. You are placed in the shoes of Rob Grinderface who has recently died by listening to the new Gory Wardeath album because it was just too much metal. Sadly for our protagonist, Rob Grinderface, hell is full so he will have to fight his way through dark Limbo to earn his place.

You will be spending your time in Die For Metal Again killing enemies of metal while avoiding traps and other various obstacles. While your traversing through this world you get to listen to some awesome music from bands like Novembers Doom and These Are They.

Die For Metal Again will include 3 worlds with 45 levels, 3 boss fights, Game Center, and “the best theme song you’ve ever heard”. So if you’ve always wanted to try a metal themed platformer than you can head over to the App Store now and pick up Die For Metal Again for only $0.99 and for those Android gamers you can pick up your copy for $1.00.

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