Fishing Hunter 3D

Posted on Apr 19 2014 - 8:24pm by Andrew Perrott

Avast ye shipmates! If you wish to take the high seas and harpoon some sharks and other colorful breeds of fish then you have definitely have to find some better options than Fishing Hunter 3D. This game declares that it is an intense realistic fishing experience but I can assure you that this game is anything but that.

The title is extremely misleading. While the first person point of view is underwater it is not like any fishing game out there and it is barely a hunting game because the prey do not really move like they should in the genre. While this game failed the fishing principle and the hunting principle it must surely be a great 3D experience right? Wrong. The game experience is much like an air rifle game one would play at a carnival but with sharks. It is a mundane 2 dimensional experience.

As I did mention this game is not 3D. It barely even tries. The view is always an underwater background, some of them appear to be blurry JPEGs that didn’t quite scale up well. As the level goes on pictures of sharks peek around the corners and wait their turn to be shot by your harpoon. Overtime though an HP bar begins to diminish which is interesting because the sharks do not move from their spots. They must be using telekinesis and are attacking with their minds.

This game is insanely easy to play and it takes forever for the game to gradually get harder. As I did mention the sharks don’t really move. While this game is rather bad the shark based movies developed by The Asylum on SyFy are worse. Fishing Hunter 3D gets a 0.5Capture out of 5.

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