Flappy Bird To Be Removed From Both App Stores Due To Popularity

Posted on Feb 9 2014 - 1:47pm by Sean Cravener

Flappy Bird Android

Apparently sometime yesterday Flappy Bird developer, Dong Nguyen, announced on Twitter that he was going to be removing his game off of both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store due to all of the unexpected media attention it was getting. Having hit the number #1 spot on the App Store it has definitely become a huge hit and the latest craze on mostly everyone’s social network pages’ so I can understand how this may have been a tad overwhelming for Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen.

After waiting and wondering if this was just some practical joke Flappy Bird was officially taken down from the iTunes App Store. Now the game is still currently on the Google Play Store as I write this, but you can most likely expect that to be taken down at any minute as well.

Sadly Dong Nguyen hasn’t stated whether or not he planned on re-listing the game in the future once all the craze has died down, so don’t expect the game to come back anytime soon. Now you may be asking yourself, “Will I still be able to play my Flappy Bird Game!”, well the good news is that, yes you the game will still be playable as long you already have it installed on your mobile device. But then if you happen to delete the game by accident or stupidity you might start freaking out and having a fit wondering “Where can I download Flappy Bird!?!?” This is the sad part since the game has been removed there will be no one to re-download the game. You may be able to find a copy to download online but you will have to have some basic knowledge on how to install a game from your computer to your mobile device.

Now if your scared the game might be deleted off of your mobile device it might be a good idea to back up the game so you will have it forever! Have no fear though as Pocket Gamer has a guide to backup your apps from the iTunes App Store and if your a fan of Flappy Bird and you still want to train yourself to be ready for when the game gets re-listed so you can achieve greatness than I highly recommend doing this!

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