Free To Play Game, Epic Empires, Available In iTunes App Store

Posted on Nov 21 2013 - 12:18am by Sean Cravener

The popular developer, Pocket Gems, has added another addition to the iTunes App Store with their new game, Epic Empire. Epic empire is a new action style game were you have been forced from your home by bandits and to be able to fend off these bandits and many more enemies, the player will have to upgrade and equip a variety of different weapons that are dropped by most enemies. Epic Empire will also have you managing your own town to defend against all of these enemies.

Epic Empire will feature the ability to participate in pvp matches with friends, fuse and upgrade their own weapons for a stronger arsenal, and even forge your very own weapons. Also since Epic Empire is a free game there will of course be options to purchase the in-game currency with real money like most games of this style, lets just hope they don’t over do it.

Epic Empire Game

You can download you copy of Epic Empire right now, for free, in the iTunes App Store.



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