Fun New Puzzler, Micronytes Director’s Cut, Released For iOS Devices

Posted on May 14 2014 - 4:13pm by Sean Cravener

Micronytes Director's Cut Download

Upon looking at the trailer for Micronytes Director’s Cut you will immediately notice the similarities it has with Super Meat Boy, but with all the fun I had with Super Meat Boy it was hard to pass this game up.

Those of you unfamiliar with Super Meat Boy, it is a platformer that has you clinging and jumping from walls like a crazy person in order to avoid obstacles and make it to the end of the level. Micronytes Director’s Cut is similar in this fashion, but there is something about it that gives it it’s own unique feel, while still providing that awesome feeling of figuring out a very hard puzzle like in Super Meat Boy.

I still have yet to fully delve into the game so I’m not to sure how it sizes up later on, but so far it is promising. The game also seems pretty lengthy with 63 levels and 3 final bosses. Micronytes Director’s Cut will also feature an original soundtrack, HD graphics, and achievements.

The game is currently running a release sale this week putting the game at a nice $0.99. So if you think you might fancy Micronytes you can head over to the App Store and get it now.

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