Galaxy Defense Review

Posted on Oct 24 2013 - 7:41pm by Sean Cravener

Being a fan of tower defense type games, I decided to go ahead and give Galaxy Defense a try. The Galaxy Defense game is a futuristic style tower defense game, where you must protect your base from alien invaders. The mobile game consists of various levels, with 4 stages in each level. During each stage the alien invaders come in waves, with each wave being more difficult than the last. You are allowed to place down various weapons such as a machine gun, flamethrower, and etc. The game does allow you to place down a material generator but there was no point in my time playing that I was even capable of placing these down. The way the game seems built, is to push the players to either grind stages over and over again, with very little reward or to purchase coins and crystals ( which are used as a currency to purchase upgrades).

The only feature I seemed to enjoy was how the layouts, to place weapons down, were different with each stage. This helped to keep my interest snagged only for a little while longer. So overall if your a fan of grinding or you have a few hours to kill I’d recommend getting Galaxy Defense. But if your looking for a game that deserves your mobile device’s storage space, then I would recommend passing Galaxy Defense up.

Galaxy Defense is available for free on Android devices.

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