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Posted on Sep 1 2013 - 11:14pm by Sean Cravener



For my next review I would like to change it up a bit and review one of my all time top favorite games, Game Dev Story. Developed by Kairosoft, Game Dev Story is a simulation game that puts you in the shoes of the CEO of a brand new video game development company. The fact that you get to run your own video game company should be reason alone to at least look into this game.


As the CEO you will start with a small video game company of about 4 employees. Each employee you have will have a level which can be raised by paying a certain amount of money and also each employee will have certain skills they are particularly good at. These skills are put to the test once you start developing your first game, which due to the low level and low skills, you will probably start off by making pretty crappy games. Most of the employees will be used to help boost specific things about your game like, creativity, music, game play, and fun.


Designing the games in Game Dev Story can be extremely fun. They let you pick and match various genres and types of games. Be careful though because certain combinations can get you a very poor game which will lead you to going broke. Also Game Dev Story lets you choose the console that you would like your game to be developed for, which will determine how many copies of your game will sell depending on how popular and old the console is. Over the course of the game, you will see various new consoles (with very familiar names) arrive on the market.


After a certain point in the game you can eventually upgrade the building your company is at giving you the ability to higher even more coders, musicians, artists, hackers, and etc. The more employees you get the easier it will become to achieve a better selling game. You can even help promote your game at convention that is held once a year, where you can choose various advertisements that will help increase your fan base. The game also includes an awards show every year where you can see how well you games did compared to other various computer generated games.


Over all there is a lot more to this game that I don’t want to spoil. It is definitely a game that I recommend buying. It does suck that it isn’t free, but the money you spend on this game is well worth it. I have even owed it for a while now and beaten it several times, but I still cannot stop playing it and I definitely don’t regret paying for such a great game.


Game Dev Story is available for $3.99 in the iTunes Store.

Game Dev Story is available for $2.50 in the Android Store.

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