Gameloft Releases The Amazing Spider-Man 2 For Mobile Devices

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 5:11pm by Sean Cravener

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Gameloft

As to be expected with the new movie coming to theaters soon, Gameloft has released the official The Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game for both iOS and Android devices. I thought it would also be important to note at the beginning of this article that the game does require a constant internet connection to play which is something most of us mobile gamers despise.

Well anyways in the game you will be helping to stop a city-wide gang war in New York while fighting various villains from the Spider-Man series such as Electro. As the story unfolds you will be exploring an open-world Manhattan with 6 “detailed” districts to explore. The combat in the game will be combo-focused using Spider-Man’s crazy acrobatic spider fighting skills.

The game will also introduce new characters not shown in the film such as Black Cat and Screwball. Lastly you will be able to participate in social events such as battling waves of bosses and other opponents in Mysterio’s Arena.

There are countless more things I could say regarding the game but I am guessing you have already stopped reading and clicked on the App Store or Google Play link below. Also I forgot to mention the game is currently priced at $4.99.

Get it on Google Play

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