Gems with Friends Review

Posted on Apr 2 2014 - 8:17pm by Andrew Perrott

Keeping up with the current mobile game trends Zynga has created its own match 3+ kind of game with a social twist. Gems with friends is very similar to games that already exist with the match 3+ premise such as Juice Cubes, Candy Crush and Bejewled. What makes this different from the other games is that this game is a multiplayer game, but that isn’t a surprise coming from Zynga.

Like all of the Match 3+ games that exist this one does have its own game mechanics. Unlike all of the other games the cubes that one has to match aren’t on the board but they are on a small panel at the bottom of the screen, not unlike the letter pieces in Words with Friends. When the player matches up three pieces in a set the pieces change and the number depicted on them go up in value. This keeps going until the pieces reach 10 and disappear. The players goal is to keep creating sets of three or more and increasing the value. The higher the value the higher the score.

The overall game play of Gems with Friends is fun and fast paced. Time keeps ticking and the player has to try and outdo their opponent in under two minutes whether its against a Facebook friend or a random stranger gems with friends is quite addicting. All of the fun playing the game just barely makes up for all of the bugs that are in the menu. The menu tends to constantly log players out, freeze or as the Android would put it “stop functioning.”

This is another game in Zynga’s long line of trendy multiplayer games. It was fun to play but the bugs in the system were way too big to deal with most of the time. Gems with Friends gets a 3 out of 5.



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