Get Ready For Awesomeness And No In-App Purchases With Cloudbreakers!

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 9:10pm by Sean Cravener

Cloudbreakers Game

Yessir! You heard me right, no in-app purchases and an awesome game all in one! Cloudbreakers just hit the iTunes App Store and I have already fell immediately in love with it. The game is pretty unique and beautiful along with awesomeness that is no in-app purchases, Cloudbreakers is definitely a game worth downloading even for the measly $0.99 and I would happily pay more just for the fact that you get an amazing and unique game without having to worry about purchasing more gems to help unlock a cool character.

Cloudbreakers involves some pretty simple gameplay that will require you to climb to the top of a mountain and along the way you will be collecting fellow heroes so they can return home. The main attraction for me was the extremely easy controls and pretty unique mechanics that involve you swinging your hero around and up higher on the tedious mountains. With all these amazing features it was extremely hard for me not to purchase it and for $0.99 I highly recommend heading over to the iTunes App Store and buying your copy immediately!

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